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Pet Beds

Brand NameMehWool
Material100% Pure New Zealand Wool (No Fillers)
Product NameWool Felt Cat Cave
FeatureBreathable, Eco-friendly
Place of Origin

Kathmandu, Nepal

Supply Capacity

4,000 Pieces per month




White, Gray, and Color of your choice (customized)


ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, ROHS

Weight in GramsVaries (please contact us)
SizeMedium, Large
ColorMulti Color and Color of your choice
DesignComes in Various Shapes and Styles
or, your own custom design
Packaging1 pc. / OPP Bag or As per your requirement
Units / Packaging

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Minimum Order Quantity10 pieces

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Cat Cave

The 100% Wool Felt cat cave are handmade using soft New Zealand wool. The cat cave is cozy bed for your cat. This innovative cat beds are cool in summer and warm in winter due to properties of wool. The material is Eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural fiber. The cat cave is made by wet felting method completely by hand are seamless. Each of our Cat Caves is carefully handmade from natural felted wool fibers which are environmentally friendly as well as naturally antibacterial and breathable. They are flexible and can regain its shapes due to the elasticity of wool.
Your cat will enjoy this natural home. Pet house can be used for any small breed dog, cats, hedgehog.
Cat Bed/ Cat cave/ Cat house cocoon made from felted wool with a free ball for your cat, your cat will love this it’s soft and woolly, they will feel snug and warm. Cats are naturally attracted by the wool natural odor because of the lanolin smell.
Large opening for more than one kitty friend to jump in. Hours of fun playtime for kitty. Use as a cat bed, cat house or a comfy hide-n-seek area.

MehWool is the largest manufacturer and exporter of wool cat caves of Nepal.


Cat Cave Features

Soft, Comfortable, and Warm 

Suitable for any season

The Cat cave is warm in winter and cool in summer due to the natural features of wool.

It is made without any seams, so there is no lumps or ridges that could feel uncomfortable.

Stylish Design Breathable and durable.

Looks great in modern homes and match all types of decor.

Easy to wash by hands or washing machine.

ECO-Friendly &
Naturally Antibacterial

The natural fiber is breathable

Made from 100% eco-friendly (not dyed) Finnish sheep wool. Natural wool has antiallergic and antibacterial properties.

Safe for Your Cat

Zero plastic or other man-made materials

The  product is safe for your cat, your family and our world.

All size of cats love the Cat Cave

Cozy and Comfortable

It can fit cats up to 20 lbs and also kitten litters

Handmade Cat Cave

Purely handmade while using a wet felting technique.

Every item is unique and quite personal.

Making of Cat Cave

The clean and azo-free wool is weighted. The pattern is prepared as per required shapes. The wool is laid on the pattern and then soap and warm water are applied to felt the shape. one of the purest processes in textile. Felt is strong but natural and renewable material, the wool keeps them warm, but prevents sweating. The pressure is applied by hand to bond the wool fiber and make to strong. after 1.5-2 hours, The hole is cut.Now your cat cave is ready. The cat cave is passed through the centrifuge to remove any soap particle. The cat cave is laid under the sun for drying. Making a cat cave need lots of hard work and patience, moreover, it takes compassion to your pets.

Size :
AS the cat cave are handmade, sizes may slightly vary.
We make custom size as per customer requirement.

Small Size : 
Width and depth ~ 13.8” (35 cm), 
Height ~ 6” (15 cm),
For 4.4 – 8.8 pounds (2 – 4 kg) cats.

Medium Size :
Width and depth ~ 15” (38 cm),
Height ~ 7.9” ( 20 cm),
For 9 – 11 pounds (4 – 5 kg) cats.

Large Size :
Width and depth ~ 16.9” (43 cm),
Height ~ 7.9” ( 20 cm),
For 11 – 15 pounds (5 – 7 kg) cats.

Washing Instruction

The cat cave can be washed in cold water and in the washing machine and dried in drying machine. Then it can be adjusted to its shape.

It can also be dry cleaned using a brush.
wash with hands with lukewarm water, use wool detergents, squeeze it gently, reshape and leave it flat to dry on a towel.

Handmade In Nepal

With Love

These dryer balls are handcrafted by
the marginalized community of women
from Nepal.




No fillers. No chemicals. No synthetics.

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